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Voi desking from The HON Company not only offers desks and storage solutions for every application—private offices, semi-private offices, open plan, benching, and more—it also presents an integrated design for the entire workplace. Designed to meet the needs of any user, Voi’s layered work surfaces, practical storage components, versatile materials, and compact footprints can be personalized to achieve the right mix of functionality and style.

Flexible spaces that allow for both collaboration and privacy:

  • Adjustable height screens allow for easy transitions between
    highly collaborative spaces and increased privacy.
  • Frosted glass side screens add a sophisticated design
    element that allows for more natural light.
  • Configure open spaces that maximize square footage
    budget efficiency, while remaining easy to install and expand as needed.

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The height adjustable table collection offers a wide range of features and options to choose from. Whether there is a need for height adjust ability for individual users or conference rooms, King Office has a solution. Height adjustable tables give users the flexibility to sit or stand at their workspace, while preserving the optimal ergonomic positioning.

Ergonomics is a big part of the value that Office Master builds into many of our chairs. However, there are some applications where even more specialized ergonomic seating is required, and for those users, the answer that Office Master has come up with are found in our Discovery Back and Wharton executive performance series. Addressing such ergonomic concepts as Scapular Impedance and balancing comfort with support [more information on both concepts is available in the Ergonomic University section of this site], both series have exceptional features, at an outstanding value!

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An ergonomic workstation isn’t complete without accessories. Top-selling items in the ESI accessory collection include an adjustable footrest and utility cart helping to make the workspace comfortable and efficient.

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